"…'Soul Remains' is an anthem that will soothe your soul and when Dylan sings of how he’s “tired of feeling this way,” it’s something everyone can surely relate to…"
Emily Chu, Impose Magazine

"...Twenty-seven-year-old Dylan Luster makes deeply resonant, fairly traditional folk music, informed by the blues and a little bossa nova — the kind of songs that wear like denim…"
Kevin Bronson, Buzzbands LA

"…as his eponymous debut EP demonstrates, he’s got the vocal and musical chops to express his personal quandaries with bittersweet vocals, warm yet stark instrumentation, and relatable lyricism…"
Jordan Blum, The Big Takeover,

"...The four tracks, Hard To Explain, Don’t Know About You, Soul Remains and Where Did You Go offer a friendship, a longing to understand each note that has been born of detachment but one that seeks across the void and only asks to be to held...A wonderful and interesting debut E.P., a name that must be repeated over and over again, this is not the last time you will hear the name Dylan Luster."
Ian D. Hall,  Liverpool Sound and Vision